Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tryon Medical Partners?

Tryon Medical Partners (formerly Mecklenburg Multispecialty Group) is an exciting new medical practice dedicated to maintaining trusted patient-doctor relationships, providing excellent and innovative care and giving you the choices in healthcare that you deserve. To pre-register to become a patient of Tryon Medical Partners, click here.

What makes Tryon Medical Partners unique?

We firmly believe we are building a better practice, one that is committed to spending more quality time with patients and providing them with greater value. Ultimately, we feel prioritizing the needs of our patients will result in care that is significantly better and more cost-effective. If our patients need referrals for a different or additional level of care, we will send them to the best physicians, regardless of hospital affiliation. We also believe in patient choice, so we support patients in their journey to find the medical home that is best for them. We hope it’s ours!

What is Tryon Patient Connect (TPC)?

This is a group of nurses and support staff that will assist and support our patients during the transition to Tryon Medical Partners. TPC will be open Monday thru Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. beginning July 23. The team will be able to register patients and make appointments. Please note that appointments will be scheduled for dates after September 5. You should call Mecklenburg Medical Group if you need an appointment before September 1. We appreciate your patience as you contact our team. We anticipate a high call volume through the summer, and we will make this transition as smooth as possible for our patients.

Is my current doctor moving to the Tryon Medical Partners practice?

Please click here to view the doctors that are moving to Tryon Medical Partners. They are listed in alphabetical order as well as the location of the office(s) where they will be practicing.

What are the locations of Tryon Medical Partners’ clinics?

Please click here to obtain the list of clinics where Tryon Medical Partners will be practicing. Please note that these locations will be opening at different dates throughout the fall of 2018.

Will Tryon Medical Partners take my insurance?

Tryon Medical Partners will accept all major insurance carriers.

Is Tryon Medical Partners the same as Mecklenburg Multispecialty Group?


Is Tryon Medical Partners the same as Mecklenburg Medical Group?

No, they are completely different practices. The approximately 90 doctors who make up the new practice will be employed at Mecklenburg Medical Group until August 31, 2018, at which time they will become the new, fully independent practice of Tryon Medical Partners.

I am a patient of Tryon Medical Partners, and I have an upcoming appointment. What do I do?

If your appointment is scheduled before August 31, 2018, you will still be seen at Mecklenburg Medical Group as planned. For appointments after that date, call Tryon Patient Connect (TPC) at 704-495-6334.

How will Tryon Medical Partners obtain my medical records?

We will work with your current provider to obtain your medical records. If you are currently an Atrium/Mecklenburg Medical Group patient, we will have access to your medical records at your initial visit to Tryon Medical Partners’ clinics. We may ask you to complete a medical record transfer request at your initial visit to ensure we have your complete medical history.

I am a patient of Mecklenburg Medical Group. Why have I not heard anything from my doctor or Tryon Medical Partners?

We have been involved in a lawsuit to separate from Atrium Health (who owns and operates Mecklenburg Medical Group). Now that the lawsuit has resolved, Tryon Medical Partners will work to provide as much information as possible in the coming months.

If I become a patient of the new practice and I have a medical emergency or need surgery can I still go to Atrium?

Absolutely. We plan to build a trusting and caring relationship with our patients so we can help them make the best decisions for their families. If our patients need urgent care or surgery, we will send them to the best facility that will meet their specific needs. Generally speaking, you can go to any emergency room or urgent care facility, and we encourage you to review coverage by your insurance plan.

Where do things stand in the recent lawsuit between Tryon Medical Partners (formerly Mecklenburg Multispecialty Group) and Atrium Health?

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